Velvet Air Lipstick

Velvet Air Lipstick


$ 24.00

A velvet lip color that glides on lips leaving an airy, weightless cushion of long lasting color. A single swipe of your finger transforms this moisturizing satin color into a true matte finish.

    Specially blended pigments lay down evenly to hug lips with intense, weightless color.

    A carefully crafted blend of oils and powders create a smooth glide and velvet texture.


    Velvet air has a chameleon texture that appears differently according to application.

    When applied directly on lips rich pigments and oil components deliver a well-moisturize, satin lip color.

    When blended with fingertips, a lip hugging powdery texture is maximized for a solid matte lip.



    10 Luxurious Shades: Each shade transforms from a moisturizing satin color to a true bold matte.

    One sleek tube, 2 color/texture options.

    Curated colors for the Clean. Fresh. Modern. Classic. Women

    BARELY THERE Satin: The perfect balance of a nude and neutral lip color. Matte: A wisp of flushed nude.

    SANDY SUEDE Satin: A rich tawny suede. Matte: A muted warm beige.

    MIDTOWN MAUVE Satin: Rich-bold mauve. Matte: A natural classic mauve.

    SULTRY CORAL: Satin: A natural, soft coral. Matte: A wash of muted grapefruit.

    DUSTY ROSE Satin: Rich, deep rose tone with a satin finish. Matte: Deep rose lip tone with a hint of pink.

    FEARLESS FUSCHIA: Satin: A vivid hot pink. Matte: A warm, bold Magenta.

    BRICK CITY Satin: A perfect blend of red and yellow to create a rich brick tone. Matte: A hint of deep red-orange.

    RED VELVET Satin: Iconic TRUE red lips. Matte: Red matte perfection.

    PLUMBERRY Satin: Intensely balanced plum and berry. Matte: A deep wash of plum.

    MULBERRY Satin: Rich creamy burgundy. Matte: A muted burgundy.

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