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Born in the salon, ECRU New York offers prestige, curated hair and beauty products created by professional stylists and make-up artists. Anchored in a rich heritage of hair and beauty spanning nearly 20 years, every ECRU New York product is designed with one singular mission: to treat and perform. Our curated selection delivers endless beautifying options. We are trendsetters. We adapt trends in fashion to the world of hair and beauty, bringing the latest runway looks to our clients and customers. ECRU New York is found in the most exclusive salons and spas globally.

Clean. Fresh. Modern. Classic.


Our product innovation philosophy is based on meeting your needs with products that not only treat, by maintaining the integrity of the hair and scalp, but also perform, by allowing you to achieve the hairstyles you seek.

Throughout our collections, we utilize skincare grade ingredients that strengthen and improve the integrity of the hair. We call this COSMETICHAIRCARE. Specifically, we use Silk Proteins, which are the highest grade protein ingredients created from the hydrolysis of silk fibers. When applied to hair, they form a transparent protective film that seals the hair cuticle increasing elasticity, natural shine and further preventing damage to the hair.

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