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Velvet Air Lipstick

Velvet Air Lipstick

/ $ 24.00
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  • A velvet lip color that glides on lips leaving an airy, weightless cushion of long lasting color. A single swipe of your finger transforms this moisturizing satin color into a true matte finish.

    Gluten & Paraben Free 

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    Best Lipstick EVER!

    This lipstick is amazing! It's lasts all day and does not fade. My favorite shades are Fearless Fuschia and Mulberry. I love how it goes from satin to matte with just one swipe of your finger!! You won't be disappointed!

    - KM

    amazing lipstick

    This lipstick is one of my favorites- as it is extremely versatile and before my eyes it is able to transform from a velvety, satin lipstick to a matte color. While many matte lipsticks I have tried in the past had nice colors, they were quite dehydrating and involved a lot of upkeep for the "matte" look, but it actually dried my lips out a lot. Thus, I truly enjoy this product as the colors are amazing and I am able to get two different looks out of one lipstick.

    - christie