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Acacia BB Cream

Acacia BB Cream

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  • An all-in-one, multi-purpose, styling and conditioning cream that is amazingly light and incredibly versatile.

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    Perfects My Hair Every time!

    This product is the perfect blow-dry treatment. It protects my hair and makes it healthy and beautiful. I feel like it's reversing the damage my hair has. I started using it months ago and now I'm on my second tube. Love the travel size too, I take it on my weekend getaways. I started using it to slick my wet hair back after swimming. It works nicely for that too.

    - Julia
    LOVE this BB Cream

    I initially received it in my Ipsy bag and once I tried it, I was hooked. My hair looks and feels really healthy and is much more manageable. I have really fine hair and now it has more body too.

    - Dani Gomez
    LOVE IT!!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It works great in my long very thick hair. It conditions, leaving it silky smooth. It also detangles very well and smells good too! I received my sample through Ipsy and never looked back! HIGHLY recommend!

    - Danielle
    Discovered by Ipsy, and I am obsesssssed!!!!

    This product is one of those most amazing products I have ever received!! I'M a single mother and wish I could find this product more within my budget, because I just can't live without it. My same size lasted 2 months. No clue how long a full sized bottle would last because it only takes very little. I just wish I hadn't ran out. I've raved over this product since receiving it from #Ipsy, and my friend are also blown away by the amazing formula. Just so sad it's not in my budget yet to purchase the full size Bottle, which would last FOREVER!!! I Just can't afford to purchase it just yet. Praying God provides a way for me to get is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because I just can't live without it!!!!

    - Kristin Katie Brown Miller

    Non greasy, wonderful smooth hair

    - amber

    My hair is usually very dry and straw-like. This stuff is AMAZING! It makes my hair so soft. I can't stop touching my hair because it feels so good! This is my new favorite hair product.

    - Robin Falcon
    So silky

    I received this in my ipsy. I was not excited about it and it endedicated up being my favorite thing that month. It does everything it claims too. Loved it

    - hollie pawlak
    WONDERFUL !! need to buy this !

    This BB cream is really awesome! I received a sample of it and want to buy more. I see it's not for sale yet. When will you have it?

    - lisa bernthold
    All I want for Christmas!

    I got a trial size of this in my Ipsy bag and have JUST run out after two months of use, imagine how long the full size will last me! It's all I've asked for this Christmas. It's lightweight and never greasy, makes my tangled and over processed hair a cinch to comb through and doesn't weigh it down at all. It has a mild soap scent, nothing strong and overpowering. I really love this BB cream for hair!

    - Paige Whitley

    My hair is quite frizzy, and naturally curly. This BB cream tames my curls into beautiful natural wavy curls and makes my hair incredibly soft. And a little goes a long way! I've had a sample size for about a month and I still have some left! Definitely would like some more in the future!

    - Amanda
    Acacia BB Cream is the BEST

    I started using this cream recently and I LOVE it. I have naturally curly hair that is always looking frizzy. I always straighten my hair because I am self conscious of my natural hair. One day I decided to try putting this cream in my damp hair and let my hair dry naturally. My hair looked AMAZING. It didn't look dry or frizzy. For once, I was proud of my natural curls....AND saves me tons of time on straightening my hair every morning!! I am in LOVE!

    - Katy Leatherwood
    I love this product

    My curls look amazing. I have very voluminous hair and this cream.. tamed my mane. And therefore I'm bying it! Thanks to #Ipsy for the sample.

    - Veronica Dixon
    A Game Changer

    I got this as part of my ipsy bag last month and I am hooked. I used to use three products on my hair and now I only use one! It's a great leave-in conditioner and styling product. No more frizzy hair.

    - Melissa

    WOW! I was afraid this would weigh my fine hair down

    - Rue
    Best product out there!!

    I received this as a sample through Ipsy, this is seriously the best product out there. A small amount goes a long way, combing is no longer dreaful. I will be ordering this and the Silk nourishing spray, have recommended to all my friends!! LOVE THIS!!

    - Berenice

    Who knew BB cream was now for your hair. This stuff is amazing. My ends look wonderful no fly aways. I color my hair, live in Colorado and have tried every product out there. This came in my ipsy bag and I am in love. It does what 2 or 3 other products do in one.

    - Christy

    Got a deluxe sample of this in my ipsy bag. I tried it and I'm over the moon, it's lightweight yet hydrating and smooths my hair. It's awesome. I'll definitely be purchasing the full size as soo as possible. My hair loves this.

    - DBC
    I love it!

    It is the first time I leave my house with my hair down without having to blow dry or straighten.

    - Ana

    This bb cream is amazing. I have tried just about every hair product out there. This is by far the best I have found. It conditions without feeling heavy , smells simply amazing and gives hair silky shine after only 1 use! It doesn't get better than this!

    - kimberly
    The BEST stuff

    I have naturally curly hair which is dry and unruly. I have not found anything to keep my hair tame until now. This helps keep my hair manageable, my curls hydrated, and frizz-free. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

    - Rachel Stine

    My new favorite go to!!!! I always need a lot of products in my hair to control frizz and then need to curl or straighten it. I only use this one product and leave it on damp hair and my hair dries gorgeous!!!!!

    - Jen Hathaway
    Love This Product

    I received a sample of this product in my October Ipsy Glam Bag and I am in LOVE with it! It made my hair very soft and the comb out was so easy. I have fine hair that is "weighed down" easily but this product was conditioning without weighing it down.

    - Tammy Holton

    I am african american and I use this BB protein on my hair before blowing it... WOW!!! My hair is light, smooth, soft and stright!!!! I love it can't wait try other products and review them!!! This will be a staple for my hair kit

    - Erecha Tatum

    I have tried so many different types of products and by far this is the best!!!! I dyed my hair bleach blonde in high school and my hair is still paying the price. It has always been frizzy and had tons of split ends. I got the teaster for this product in my ipsy bag and it's the first time is I don't know how many years that my hair isn't frizzy!!! I can't wait to buy this!!

    - Michaela Tolopka


    I have chronically frizzy hair. Or should I say HAD. This stuff works wonders.

    - Jennifer